Grand Rapids Fencing Academy (GRAFA), located close to the Grand River on the NW side of Grand Rapids, is proud to announce and invite you to attend its 3rd annual Grand Rapids Youth Fencing Cup. Fencers from all over the Midwest gather to compete and earn medals at this anticipated event. Chicago, Indiana and Ohio are some of the neighboring states that have fencers travel to Grand Rapids on this day. This tournament has been a milestone for many fencers who have gone on to compete successfully at the State and National level. It is a chance for fencers to improve their ranks and sharpen their skills because of the number and caliber of fencers who gather to compete. Events are held for Youth 10, Youth 12 and Youth 14.GRAFA is home to a club of fencers who are of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. It offers classes and private lessons in foil and epee along with opportunity to compete at the local, state and national level.
The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into GRAFA is the instantaneous hospitality of the staff, coaches and fencers. As one parent put it, “When I left after my first visit to the Academy, I thought that this was a place I felt comfortable bringing our daughter. The atmosphere and level of professionalism felt healthy.” GRAFA prides itself on giving its best instruction to all of its students at all levels.
No matter what your sport, if you are curious to learn more about the of fencing, if you are looking for something new to discover please stop by our tournament or any other time of the year and meet the coaches and staff.

Top Eight Fencers in each event will be awarded trophies and medals.
As this became our tradition, Top Three Fencers in each event will be awarded the prizes and Top Eight Fencers in each event will be awarded our collectable Grand Rapids Youth Cup Sweatshirts.
At registration, each participant will receive our collectable third pin in the Youth Cup Series to add to their collection.

Events Scheduled:
Unrated Y12 Mixed Foil – 10 AM
Unrated Y10 Mixed Foil – 12:00 PM
Y14 Mixed Foil – 2 PM