Classes and Programs

Youth Classes
We offer beginning and advanced classes for youth ages six through fifteen. The beginning class teaches the fundamentals of footwork, blade work and tactics. The beginning classes run one hour per week year round, with breaks coinciding with the holidays.

All equipment for this class is provided by the Academy at no extra charge. The cost of this class is $50 per calendar month.

Students should wear sweat pants (no jeans), a T-shirt, and clean athletic shoes with laces. Slip-on athletic shoes do not offer enough lateral support and are unsuitable for fencing.

The Maestros will conduct periodic skill testing to determine if students should progress to the advanced class. With the Maestros’ approval, students can progress to the advanced class.

Adult Classes

We offer adult beginning and advanced classes for ages sixteen and up.

The usual format for adult classes is six-week intervals for one hour each week. The cost of this class is $80 for the entire 6 weeks with all equipment provided at no additional charge. We offer advanced classes only if there are a minimum of six students enrolled. After completion of advanced class, the fencers can join to club’s intermediate/advanced classes or Open Fencing.

Intermediate/Advanced Classes

The intermediate/advanced class focuses on advanced footwork, blade work, tactics and strategy with an emphasis on competitive fencing. This class runs 2 hours every week on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday from 7 PM to 9:00 PM year round. The students will start with one night class only. The class night will be suggested by the Maestros, depending on the level of the basic skills and age of the student.

Although you may continue to use academy equipment, you also must purchase some electrical equipment including an electric foil, a body cord and a lame. The coaches will help you with your order; discounted equipment is available through the Academy.

The GRAFA is incorporated in the price of the class. The value packages that includes the advanced class with a membership and other training options available for the students and highly recommended by the Maestros.


Membership in GRAFA entitles you to the following privileges and obligations:

  • Private lessons with Maestros Mikhail or Arkadiy (must be approved by Maestro and requires additional fees).
  • Private lessons available in packages of four or eight.
  • Opportunity to qualify for Team GRAFA travel team competing at USFA/FIE sanctioned tournaments.
  • Members are instructed in the maintenance of their equipment and are expected to keep their equipment in safe and working condition.
  • All GRAFA members should be welcoming to new members, visitors, and beginning fencers.
  • GRAFA fencers are expected to exhibit exemplary behavior at all times whether they are at the club or representing GRAFA at a tournament.
  • Members are required to list GRAFA as their competition club with the USFA.
  • Grand Rapids Fencing Academy holds several social functions each year. While attendance is certainly not required, members will tell you it is a shame to miss any of our get togethers!